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Other services: landscape gardener

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You want to use a gardening expert to cut your hedges, or maintain your garden properly? Do you need to create a draining, earth support, terrace, garden fence, drainage system or even a custom paving around your pool or garden driveway?
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All Green Art, expert in outdoor design, answers all your requests.

All the services offered by All Green Art !

In addition to laying your exterior paving, All Green Art offers various services to carry out all your exterior installations:


Whether it’s to cut your hedges, prune your trees, maintain your garden all year round, mow your lawn, take care of your lawn, create a new lawn, or uproot a stump that bothers you in the middle of your garden, All Green Art comes to you, whether you are an individual or a company to help you complete your project.
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All Green Art takes care of felling the trees that bother you, or pruning them if necessary. We evacuate and trim the stumps, according to your needs. We have all the necessary professional equipment to carry out these operations. In addition, we also shred branches, cut logs for heating, and supply firewood on demand.


You want to create a terrace, to redevelop your property according to your wishes? Or to follow a plan provided by your architect? We offer you a tailor-made earthworks service to bring all your creative desires to life, from the terrace to the foundations of your pool.
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All Green Art will come to your home to create your draining and/or drainage system for your home. The company is responsible for creating the trenches, installing the pipes and cleaning the site at the end of the project. A complete service so that you can enjoy your drainage and/or drainage system in no time at all.

Earth support

A ground support allows to retain the ground in a sloping ground, or to create possible raised areas. You can create one in concrete, wood or various materials, according to your desires. All Green Art develops for you a support system for your land according to your desires, your expectations and your budget.
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Garden fence and gate

You want to put a fence in your garden but you don’t have the necessary equipment or the desire to do it? All Green Art offers you all its expertise in custom-made outdoor installations to create the fence you want in wood, concrete or wire mesh. We also take care of the installation of double leaf or sliding gates in wood, steel, aluminium, etc.

Pose of tiles

For all your tiling installations inside and outside your home, we provide our customers with our know-how in this field. The tiling work carried out is meticulous and meticulous and the building sites are cleaned after our visit.
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Water room layout

Do you dream of building, digging a pond, a water feature, or a Zen place where you can relax in your garden? It’s possible with All Green Art! We come to your home to check the feasibility of the project and then draw up a free estimate on site.

If you would like to obtain information or a quote for a gardening service, a drainage system, the creation of an earth support or the installation of a wooden terrace, contact All Green Art, your expert in outdoor installations in Ophain, Brussels and all Wallonia.

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